Course development of strategies adapted to cryptographic systems…

A 4-hour crash course on developing crypto-adaptive strategies with Javier Alfiati and Jesus Perez.

This message to announce the new advertisement End January From the face-to-face online course Method of speculation and management of portfolios and capital that apply Javier Alfiatti and Jesus Perez IN HIS WEEKLY ADJUSTMENT WITH CRYPTO.

This training will be conducted in January 20, 2023, from 5:00 PM Р9:00 PM CET in Madrid РForm occasional and online It will be taught at the Crypto Plaza Center, c / M̩ndez Alvaro 9, Madrid.

Javier AlfateIn our opinion, the best Spanish trader, investment fund manager at GPM SV.SA and expert in banking and financial advisory services from ESCP Europe.

Jesus Perez Sanchez He is the founder of Crypto Plaza, with over 20 years of investment and technology experience.

In the course they will talk about it Analysis systems and templatesLike celebrities Coppock, Golden Cross, McD And seeing Pushing force with each one VISION ADAPTS TO THE NEW CRYPTO ERA.

It is not necessary to be an expert in this field or have extensive knowledge of the stock market

All information to participate in the course click here

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