Medieval Empires (MEE) will be included in the MEXC on December 19th

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Medieval Empires will be listed on MEXC Global on December 19 12:00 (UTC). Users can trade using the MEE token (MEE/USDT). Along with the listing, MEXC has launched a MEE deposit to share a $1,000 MX bounty campaign.

Medieval Empires is an elaborate multiplayer strategy game set in what is now modern Turkey during the late 13th century. Starring internationally acclaimed actor Engin Altan Düzyatan as Kayi tribe leader Ertuğrul Gazi, the game aims to provide the most modern Web 3.0 experience for character/actor fans and gamers as well as blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The game takes place in the passive PvE region and begins with players building cities while trading, fighting, and forming alliances. Medieval Empires offers several prominent features, including online multiplayer strategy, possession gameplay, persistent online world, community battles, physical and digital utility NFTs, and massive historical battles.

The land will play an integral part in the game and the game economy, with many benefits for the landowners. There are 6 levels of the ground. They launched a ground sale in September 2022. This exclusive feature gives users the first chance to enter the immersive world of Medieval Empires.

Most recently, Medieval Empires raised $2.1 million in the first round. Led by some of the most important thought leaders in the space such as Evan Luthra, James Crypto Guru, Satoshi Stacker, Crypto King and DaVinci Jeremy, the successful funding round lays the foundation for Medieval Empowers to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming.

Medieval Empires has partnered with Polygon Studios, an ecosystem builder owned and operated by Polygon, the leading Ethereum scaling solution that integrates millions into Web3. As part of the strategic collaboration, Medieval Empires is built on the Polygon blockchain, allowing players to enjoy exciting Web3 game experiences.

The team behind Medieval Empires is very competent and experienced in game development and blockchain technology. The project is backed by Carl Runefelt, known in the crypto community as The Moon. Other notable advisors for the project include Scott McCarthy, Illuvium’s chief marketing officer, as well as Justin Edwards, former COO of Decentraland.

According to public information, MEXC is one of the top 10 cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. The core products include spot trading, leveraged ETFs, futures, NFT indices, etc. MEXC supports more than 1,700 cryptocurrency transactions.

According to a press release on Cointelegraph, in September of this year, the liquidity of MEXC futures reached the first place in the world, a conclusion based on analysis of transaction data of the top 50 currencies ranked by market capitalization. In early December 2022 alone, the MEXC futures business also achieved significant growth, with an average daily transaction volume of 1,200%.

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