Musk asked users if he should step down as Twitter boss

Twitter owner Elon Musk created a post with a poll in which he asked users if he should leave the post of head of the social network.

about this It said On Musk’s Twitter page.

A promise to fulfill the desires of users. The poll was created at 1:20 Kyiv time.

As of 5:18 a.m., 9,078,716 users have participated in the survey. More than half (56.6%) supported Musk stepping down.

Musk is the head of Twitter

In October, the American businessman Elon Musk bought the social network Twitter. Shortly thereafter, he became president of the company, and the previous management left the headquarters.

Musk said he wants to be a Twitterer “a platform for freedom of expression around the world”.

However, according to the Financial Times, most of the world’s famous brands have reduced the cost of advertising on Twitter to a minimum or completely abandoned it. Brand owners complained that the company’s management was a mess

In December, Twitter announced that it had ended “free promotion” on other major social media platforms and that it would be deleting accounts assigned to it. In particular, it is forbidden to give links to Facebook and Instagram.

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