Why core Axie Infinity development is both exciting and painful for AXS

  • Axie infinity topped other projects in terms of core development over the past year
  • While AXS’ price has remained low, the health of its network has also faced challenges

Of every project in the crypto ecosystem, Acce Infinity [AXS] It has attracted the largest number of core developers in the last 365 days, and the Token Terminal data has been released. According to the Financial Metric blockchain platform, AXS saw a 1000% uptick on the aforementioned side.

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Despite this, the developers’ involvement in the project has recently been terminated. Information from the Token Terminal revealed that 30-day core development within the AXS ecosystem dropped by 21.4%. This indicates that Axie Infinity has slowed down its attempt to improve functionality and user retention.

A year back is a year back

In fact, Axie Infinity was one of the few projects that led to the NFT boom in 2021. However, it was silenced due to it being one of the biggest beneficiaries. With the cryptocurrency and NFT markets facing challenges, AXS Adventures showed amazing disappointment, especially with the price of the token.

Another aspect of the AXS environment was Dark darkness is the growth of its network. According to Santiment, the developer’s excellent efforts to maintain interest can’t be matched by its extremely overwhelming network growth.

At the time of writing, AXS network growth has slowed to a value of 54. This explains the lack of new address creation. Therefore, Axie compromised the health of the Infinity Network because it lost stability.

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Certainly, network health challenges can drive prices down. However, there were other divisions that kept the AXS on the brink.

As shown in the image above, the 365-day cap achieved has been in free fall since November. With its value dropping to 6.28 billion, this meant that the total cost of the acquisition was much greater than the supply inflow. Therefore, long-term AXS holders are left with anxiety rather than confidence.

Exchange activity provides balance

Based on exchange bids, AXS had an average performance. This was due to the trend displayed From the supply held by the headlines across the exchanges.

According to the chain’s data, the bid for the exchange by these savvy investors deviated from the increase. But 3.92 million of that show could help salvage what’s left of the AXS network.

In terms of active withdrawals, Santiment showed that its holders did not exit their positions. While this could be seen as a positive reaction, the fact that the AXS value is down 92.87% from its all-time high negates the optimism..

For now, the AXS case revealed the conflict and what happens next remains a mystery to the once highly regarded project.

Active withdrawals and exchanges from Axie Infinty

Source: feeling

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