🔥 Cardano rolls back and… dumps it afterwards for honesty: ADAUSDT by Yuriy_Bishko – Technische Analyze – 2022-12-21 12:10:01

🔥 Hello friends! Cardano It is the weakest altcoin I have seen in recent weeks. It is making some pullbacks but we can’t even mention any trend break or consolidation.

I think after the next return to the key $0.27 level or to the $0.284-0.287 value range, Cardano It can get rid of at least the key $0.25 level.

📊 Card opening requirements:
1. The false breakout of $0.27
2. the sound growth at the tops
3. Alcohol market BTC A must for dumping altcoins

🚩 If the price will not fall back and head straight to break the resistance BTC I have already highlighted the most important areas where you have a chance to close your long positions with a nice profit.

✅ Short goals:
🔥 $0.25 – High and Local Low
🔥 $0.2 – Master Level and Even Number
🔥 $0.182 – Master Level

The merchant is Cardano Do you have a chance to survive in such a doomed bear market? Write your thoughts in the comments!

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Note: I personally make an entry if the price shows it according to my strategy.
Always do your analysis before making a trade.

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