“Ethereum Falls in Support Zone” for BINANCE: ETHUSDT by InvestMate – Technische Analyze – 2022-12-23 14:56:30

Ethereum is located at A support area

Ethereum is following in its footsteps bitcoin About which I also wrote, but here the decline compared to previous candles is much greater.

Looking at where we are on the chart, I have the impression that a drop is approaching support area It seems very likely.

💲 This was determined by level 0.786 for the entire wave from the bottom to the top of the bullish correction.

💲 This is the key price level and on many occasions price has interacted with this level.

she decided resistance area Based on level 0.618 of the same wave support area .

Looking at the technical environment, the fact that we are below the 50 and 200 moving averages, MACD And the RSI Generates upward signals. I don’t doubt the biggest downside potential at this point in the chart.

The scenario I play is a continuation of the dips in the immediate area support area . I am aware of the possibility of correction at any time, this must be taken into account, if expectations change, I will publish a post with an update, so I invite you to actively follow the profile and read the description carefully.

💲 * Do not suggest the path marked by the lines, it is just a hypothetical scenario.

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