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(USDT 1D chart)


( USDC 1D chart)


The increase in the gap on USDT or USDC It is seen as a signal of new funds entering the currency market.

( BTC . D 1W chart)


I think so BTC The currency market dominance should increase to show stable movements.

This is because such a stable movement will strengthen the currency market and provide impetus for active transactions as an investment market.

Because, BTC Dominance must continue to increase.

If possible, I think it would be good to show an uptrend in the 43.40-45.68 section and then a downtrend.

Because if it rises higher than that, investors are expected to suffer.

At this point, it is important to check whether the USDT dominance is going up or down.

(USDT.D 1D chart)


Increasing USDT dominance means a decline in the currency market.

So the question is whether it can drop below 7.86.

next period of volatility Around the fifth of January.


( BTCUSDT schematic diagram 1 watt)


To continue the bullish trend on the medium and long term, it must rise above 20050.02 – 20862.47.

To do so, the key is whether it can rise above 17880.71.

If it drops below 15475.10 I would expect a drop around 13500.0.

Heiken Ashi’s body is marked as a drop.

So we’ll have to see if Heiken Ashi’s body closes into one rising signed this week.

This is because RSI The indicator is likely to enter the oversold zone.

(1D chart)


The question is whether it can rise above 17115.96 to show a short term bullish trend.

To do this, you need to keep the price above 16428.78-16590.54.

If not, the new influx that has occurred since November 27 is expected to be interrupted.

I have to check if it can be supported on 16740.64 now.

next period of volatility Around December 28th.
(the last volatility The period was around December 24th, which was displayed incorrectly.
The previous chart will be ignored at this point volatility I finish.)

Circled regions mark regions of interest Support and resistance regions.

In this section, the trend can change depending on whether it is supported or opposed, so it is necessary to watch the movement carefully.

If this upward trend ends at once,
The first: 17880.71
Second: 19176.93-20050.02
It is expected to touch nearby and fall.

If it breaks the new trend, i.e. it drops below 16428.78,
First: 15475.10
The second: 14.8 thousand
Third: 13500
It is expected to affect the immediate area.


– the whole picture
I think you need support in the 13K-15K section to get the energy going.

Therefore, whether it rises or falls from its current position, a short-term response is required.

A full bullish trend is expected to start when it rises above 29 k .

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**All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss on investments.

** If you share this chart, you can use the indicators normally.

** The MRHAB-T index includes pointers indicating points Support and resistance .

** HA SRRC Indicators are shown as StochRSI (line), RSI (columns) f CCI (bgcolor).
** the CCI The indicator appears in the overbought area ( CCI >+100) and an oversold ring ( CCI

(A short-term stop-loss can be said to be a point at which profit or loss can be preserved or further entry can be made through the split trade. This is a short-term investment perspective.)


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