Ukrainian stole $25,000 from Russian drug dealers and gave it to charity – Forbes

Information security specialist Alex Golden confirms that he and his team stole $25,000 worth of bitcoins from Russian drug dealers and donated them to charity.

Forbes writes about it.

According to Golden, he and his team have gained control of the main Bitcoin wallet of illegal drugstore Solaris. It has been used by buyers and traders to deposit and withdraw funds and exchange cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Golden and other cyber experts hacked into the Internet infrastructure of the drug market and gained access to data on drug buyers and delivery points.

As a result, they received 1.6 bitcoins worth $25,000 and sent them to the Kyiv Zhyttelyub Fund.

As proof of his words, Golden provided Forbes journalists with several screenshots of the hacked account of the store manager and the main wallet.

The foundation’s co-founder, Tina Mikhaylovska, also confirmed to Forbes that they had received the donation. According to her, the contribution went to help the elderly and displaced people who suffered from the invasion of Russia.

What is known about Alex Golden?

According to Forbes, Golden left Kyiv as a teenager in the 1980s due to the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. He currently lives in the USA, but will be back in Ukraine this Christmas.

The company founded and managed by Golden deals with information security.

On the company’s website, Golden is credited with discovering several high-profile breaches, including at Adobe Systems and JPMorgan, and independently discovering breaches at Target, Yahoo, and several other companies.

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