Cardano ADA Could Be the Hidden Gem of WHITEBIT: ADAUSDT by SkyrexTrading – Technische Analysis – 2022-12-25 12:32:39

Today is the time to talk about it Cardano My last trade was very successful, and I was able to catch the counter trend trade.
You can see it here👇


I also believe that now ADA has found its local bottom and we can take this opportunity to trade.

I’ve tried many different things Technical Analysis Methods and found that the best way to trade cryptocurrency is Elliott waves Confirmed by Chaos Trading Tools. On the 1D timeframe of the ADAUSDT chart of the WhiteBit stock exchange, I have drawn the well-thought-out wave structure. Cardano Latest global print bearish Wave 5 as a complete crypto market.

I think wave 3 is finally on the inside bearish The wave has already ended and now the price is setting the local low. I finished reaching the target level 1.61 Fibonacci extension It is a normal level for wave 3. In addition, wave 3 has a clear internal structure. Awesome oscillator Wave 3-3 shows us the bottom because it corresponds to the minimum value. I think wave 3-5 is already over. The wave is extended and longer than wave 3-3, but the trading chaos method helps us understand it.

We can switch corrective wave 4. I think it will print flat or irregular correction because wave 2 is represented as a winding . Wave 2 and 4 usually have a different structure. You have already opened a Buy position with a target of $0.34 Because 0.38 Fibonacci retracement over there. This is the natural goal of Flat correction .

After that I expect the last wave 5 inside wave 5 and the end of the bear market. I think the ADA may back down even earlier than that bitcoin And it has a greater potential for growth in the new bull race.

Sincerely, Evan


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