Andre Cronje outlines 2023 plans for Fantom

Andre Cronje took to Medium to outline plans for Fantom’s development over the coming quarters.

As the next step in a successful career at and other ecosystems, Andre Cronje has served as a board member of both Fantom Operations Ltd and Fantom Foundation Ltd.

Bear markets are not a problem

The move was announced on Cronje’s personal Medium blog, along with an update on what’s in store for Fantom Network.

First of all, the newly appointed board member confirmed that Fantom is not affected by the problems that have plagued the crypto market over the past year. In fact, Phantom was founded in similar circumstances and, according to Cronje, knows how to weather the storm.

Bull markets are when we are rewarded for the work we put in during a bear market. Those who are constantly holed up keep building, keep growing, keep getting better – they are the ones who reap the rewards of the bull. We were born into a bear market. This is a time we are accustomed to, and a time for which we are most appropriate. “

Cronje also states that the team at Fantom is focused on creating tools for developers and doesn’t plan to get distracted by gamefi, crashing exchanges, NFTs and the like. Instead, the Fantom team will continue to strive to provide crypto developers with all the tools they need to see their own visions to fruition.

Gas, virtual machines and more

In the coming quarters, Fantom will focus on quality of life updates with an emphasis on gas fees.

Among the planned updates is gas liquefaction, which will enable revenue sharing for dapps based on the gas used. This feature aims to reverse the way creators are paid on platforms like Twitch with a reward for sustainable blockchain development. Fantom is also working with gas backing, which would allow dapps to interact with wallets without the wallet having to pay gas fees, should the developer choose to allow it.

Fantom also proposed a new funding system for dapp developers, which would target dapp developers who are already self-sufficient but may still need a boost.

Work will continue on the Fantom Virtual Machine as well. Right now, EVM hardware is one of the primary bottlenecks in the Fantom ecosystem – and it’s an issue the team wants to address as quickly as possible.

The blog post ends with a promise of more updates towards the end of the first quarter, primarily focusing on updates from Fantom’s marketing and business development departments.

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