Musk described Medvedev’s 2023 predictions for his presidency as absurd

American businessman Elon Musk called the predictions of the deputy head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev for 2023 ridiculous and criticized his “amazing ignorance”.

That’s what it’s about books on Twitter.

The former President of the Russian Federation said that on the eve of the New Year, many people came up with futuristic hypotheses about what could happen in 2023, “As if vying to distinguish the most savage, even the most ridiculous,” And I posted it

Thus, according to Medvedev, Great Britain will join the European Union, after which the European Union will disintegrate, and the euro will go out of use.

Medvedev also “predicted” that Poland and Hungary “Occupied the western regions of the former Ukraine” And the “A Fourth Reich will be established covering the lands of Germany and its dependencies”. Not only that, but the Russian politician predicts a war between France and its inventor, the Fourth Reich.

Medvedev’s expectations also affected the United States: there he sees a civil war, the independence of Texas and its unification with Mexico.

Elon Musk will win the presidential elections in a number of states that will be awarded after the end of the new civil war to the Republican Party.– writes Medvedev.

In addition, the collapse of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the euro and the dollar is expected, and instead, according to Medvedev, digital currencies will be actively used.

“An epic engagement! This is by far the most ridiculous prediction I’ve ever heard. At the same time, they show a surprising lack of awareness about the advancement of artificial intelligence and sustainable energy.”– answered Musk.

Recall that in October, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmytro Peskov, praised Musk for his “peaceful plan” to end the war in Ukraine, which proposed territorial concessions and “re-elections” in the occupied territories. lands.

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