BitCoin Insight for BITSTAMP: BTCUSD by shawntime_academy – Technical Analysis – 2022-12-28 18:27:16

Hello, merchant. Thanks for the comments and the boost.
Today’s planner is bitcoin . Let’s quickly check that out.

We can see
1. the down channel .
2. 15500~18300 square pattern.
3. Resistance of 17,000.

We must check
Wednesday – US Awaiting Home Sales
Thursday – First US Unemployment Claims, Crude oil the exams
Friday – Manufacturing PMI

We can expect
1. The move down through the resistance at 17,000.
2. Boomerang from 15500.

past down channel And the middle line of the box pattern, the price is going down.
As we can see, it is difficult to have a long position now.
For a long position, we wait until the price reaches 15,500.
For a short position, 17,000 would be a suitable price as I mentioned earlier that I had a short position last week.
Let’s see if we can maintain our short position.

Thanks for reading and I hope this insight is helpful.

Han analyzed it.

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