Crypto Plaza will be renamed to Database Plaza | …

The 2023 Crypto Plaza project will be renamed Database Plaza with the aim of being able to drive institutional innovation within our country. It marks an important strategic juncture for the project that comes to try to adapt to the main lines of innovation launched with the European funds.

This orientation will make it possible to choose assistance with those provided by the government because it is committed to technology, leaving aside the most financial approach to the phenomenon. In the end, finance is not a strategy, it is more important to delve into the deepest possible technicalities. In this sense, distributed database technology has an important journey in the future that deserves strong investment from the private sector.

It is not responsible for risking and confronting financial stability on the part of the technology that allows it.

Blockchain was considered as a name, but it left some doubts about the bet, so the name was finally bet on the database, which is quite suitable for the complete helpline proposed by the government and many departments.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, you can find database technology and TCP-IP Internet technology which together allow distributed databases.

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