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Crypto Plaza has created a group that aims to explore Farcaster, one of the Crypto Social Network’s most attractive projects. New generation social networks are one of the topics that society will explore intensively during the year 2023, after closely following all the initiatives that are being created in this field.

paddle It presents its goal of creating a sufficiently decentralized social network as one of the key value propositions of this new generation of networks. This definition is intended to allow two users to connect even if the rest of the network tries to prevent it.

This definition includes these three conditions

  • The ability to prompt for a username
  • The ability to send messages with this username
  • Read messages from any valid username

In back-to-back meetings we will explore the characteristics of these networks and the entire ecosystem that is being created around them. Join the Farcaster Spain meetup group.

Farcaster ecosystem

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