The former Russian president predicts a monetary collapse and a global shift towards cryptocurrencies

Dmitry Medvedev – a Russian politician who served as the country’s president between 2008 and 2012 – believes that 2023 could lead to the collapse of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. He noted that such an event could reduce the strength of the euro and the dollar and increase the use of cryptocurrencies.

The religion’s founder – Justin Sun – agreed with Medvedev’s “insightful comment”. He also claimed that cryptocurrency adoption is gradually increasing in China and that “the best is yet to come.”

Medvedev crypto forecast

Many prominent figures and political figures have used the approaching end of 2022 as an opportunity to share their predictions about what to expect in the following year. The latest was Dmitry Medvedev – the former President of Russia and the ex-Prime Minister of the largest country in the world by land.

He believes that the Bretton Woods system (an international monetary agreement setting single currency exchange rates) could collapse and lead to the collapse of leading financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. As a result, two of the world’s leading fiat currencies – the euro and the dollar – may lose their dominance as global reserve currencies, leading to widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Justin Sun Faith marked The politician’s thesis, adding that cryptocurrency has the potential to “revolutionize the global reserve currency.”

Below tweetThe Chinese believe that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is increasing in their homeland, while the reopening of borders after the Covid-19 wave and the strength of the economy are positive signs for the future of the monetary system in the country.

And the list goes on

Medvedev’s list of predictions consisted of some outlandish possible scenarios such as Britain joining the European Union, the formation of the “Fourth Reich” and successive wars between France and the “Fourth Reich”.

The 57-year-old politician also said that all major stock markets and major economic activity could be moved from the US and Europe to Asia.

In addition, he believes that a civil war may break out in the United States, after which Texas and Mexico may unite into an allied state. He concluded that after the end of the military conflict, Elon Musk could win the presidential elections in several states.

The Tesla CEO was quick to respond to the assumptions, Such as This is “definitely the most ridiculous prediction” he has ever heard. He also claimed that Medvedev was unaware of developments in artificial intelligence and sustainable energy.

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