Trump NFTs pit with daily sales down 98% from peak


  • Donald Trump’s NFTs have lost significant momentum, with sales volume and floor price dropping sharply from their highs.
  • Sales volume on Wednesday was 98% lower than the peak day less than two weeks earlier.

Official of former US President Donald Trump NFT It was a trading card Speaking of the crypto industry—not to mention a lot of Twitter and Also late night tv— when it launched two weeks ago, but the hype has since largely died down.

Secondary market sales of Trump Digital Trade Cards, which are minted on Ethereum mesh sizing ribbedIt totaled just over $59,300 on Wednesday, according to data from cryptoslam. This is down 98% from a sales day peak of over $3.5 million on December 17th – and the continued decline in momentum and value for NFTs continues.

However, the Trump group is hardly dead. At the time of writing, Ex-Chief NFTs were the 69th best-selling project over the past 24 hours, according to CryptoSlam, with sales of just over $44,000 over that period. However, the highest project Monkey Yacht Club Boredom Recorded more than $2 million in sales in the past 24 hours.

Moreover, the secondary market premium on Trump NFTs is dropping rapidly. The NFTs originally sold for $99 each during the initial sale, and amid the hype surrounding the project in the days following the initial mouthful, even an NFT with “normal” artwork and features demanded a large multiple of that. The lowest price, or the price of the cheapest Trump NFT listed on the market, peaked at 0.84 ETH (around $990 USD) on December 17.

Right now, however, the floor price on top market OpenSea is just 0.15 ETH, or about $180. Some NFTs have been selling for as little as $131 each on the market today.

Trump NFTs launched on Dec. 15, offering 44,000 Polygon NFTs to the public depicting the disgraced former president as a cowboy, an astronaut, and more. The creators of the project kept an additional 1,000 NFTs. Every $99 that could be charged was an entry into a contest to win prizes and perks, like dinner or a Trump meet-and-greet.

were NFTs It was widely derided as a cash grabEven some Trump supporters criticized her. Some of the artworks were It was clearly stolen from clothing onlinePlus, Team Trump kept a disproportionate amount of rare NFTs in the pool. Some first-time buyers have also complained about technical issues.

However, the hype increased demand in the secondary market for a few days after that, which led to an increase in demand Some NFT “dough” dealers He saw an opportunity to profit by flipping controversial assets. The hype did not last long, however, as prices and trading volume soared Crashes a few days after launch. And as the sales data shows, the market isn’t getting hungrier for digital Trump cards.

Trump who was I have previously opposed cryptocurrencyAnd the he said in a recent interview that the NFT artwork was “kind of bland” and that he “didn’t see it as an investment”.

Trump’s first NFT sale raised over $4 million and sold out within 24 hours. Overall, the project has so far generated nearly $9.8 million in secondary trading volume, with Team Trump taking 10% off sales through markets it Honoring creative kings.

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