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the main ideas:

  • It was a mixed Friday for the cryptocurrency top ten. DOGE has taken a hit, with MATIC struggling.
  • US economic indicators and the Nasdaq index prevented the market from fully reversing the morning losses.
  • The cryptocurrency market cap decreased by $0.874 billion to end the day at $757.39 billion.

Friday’s session was mixed for the cryptocurrency top ten. DOGE led the way down, with MATIC struggling. BTC is back in the red, with $17,000 elusive for the 10th consecutive session.

While bearish in the morning, US economic indicators sent the cryptocurrency market to a session low before finding support.

In December, the Chicago PMI jumped from 37.2 to 44.9, raising the threat that the Fed will continue its aggressive rate path to bring inflation to target. The cryptocurrency market pulled back from the Nasdaq in the afternoon session, falling to a session low before reversing losses.

The Nasdaq index closed down 0.11 percent on Friday. However, the Nasdaq had its worst year since 2008, falling 33.5%.

Despite the delayed partial recovery, the Fed and recession continued to weaken riskier assets. For the cryptocurrency market, regulatory uncertainty and fallout from the crypto winter are other headwinds that investors should worry about.

Today, there are no statistics to consider, which allows investors to keep track of cryptocurrency news. But barring a crypto event, any upside is likely to be modest, as investors need a catalyst to support a breakout from the current recession.

Total Market Cap – NASDAQ – 311,222 15-minute chart

Crypto Market Finds Late NASDAQ Support

The session on Friday was bearish. After a bearish morning, the cryptocurrency’s market cap fell from an early peak of $761.56 billion to an afternoon low of $745.80 billion as investors responded to the Chicago Purchasing Managers’ Index better than expected. However, after getting a boost from the NASDAQ index, the cryptocurrency market capitalization revisited $757 billion before falling back.

The downturn sent the cryptocurrency market cap down $0.874 billion (0.12%) to $757.39 billion on the day.

Total market cap 311222 daily chart

Cryptocurrency market movers and shakers from the top ten and beyond

Friday’s session was mixed for the cryptocurrency top ten.

The DOGE fell 3.94% to lead the way lower, with MATIC (-2.23%) struggling.

While BNB (-0.28%), BTC (-0.24%), and ETH (-0.05%) also saw the red, ADA (+0.82%) and XRP (+0.81%) found much-needed support.

Of the CoinMarketCap Top 100, it was a mixed session.

Aptos (APT) led the way, up 6.54%, and Stacks (STX) and OKB (OKB) saw gains of 4.00% and 5.27%, respectively.

In contrast, Gate (GT), Hobby (HT) and Terra Classic (LUNC) tokens were among the worst performers. HT fell 4.75%, and GT and LUNC saw losses of 4.03% and 4.20%, respectively.

24-hour liquidations are rising in the volatile Friday session

Over the course of 24 hours, cryptocurrency liquidations remained below normal levels as trading volumes fell again.

At the time of writing, liquidations over the 24-hour period were $47.68 million, up from $36.66 million on Friday morning.

The number of traders eliminated in the last 24 hours has decreased. At the time of writing, the number of liquidated traders is 15,733, up from 17,948 on Friday morning. Cryptocurrency liquidations decreased in 12, 4 hours and over 1 hour.

Total cryptocurrency liquidations 311222

According to Konglas, 12-hour eliminations were $23.87 million, down from Friday’s $29.81 million, with four-hour eliminations down from $3.50 million to $3.30 million. One-hour liquidations decreased from $0.591 million to $0.427 million.

The chart below shows market conditions throughout the session.

Total market cap 311222 hourly chart

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