Global stock and bond markets will lose more than $30 trillion in 2022 – Financial Times

Global stock and bond markets are set to lose more than $30 trillion in 2022 after inflation, rising interest rates and Russia’s war against Ukraine caused the biggest losses in asset markets since the 2008 global financial crisis.

The Financial Times wrote about it.

For example, the MSCI All-World Global Index of developed and emerging market stocks has lost a fifth of its value this year, the biggest decline since 2008.

The Multiverse Index, which tracks the debt of global governments and companies, fell about 16 percent, or $9.6 trillion. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq, which are down 19 percent and 33 percent this year, respectively, had the worst annual performance for both since 2008.

Chinese stock indices fell 22 percent in yuan and 28 percent in dollars. The MSCI Europe index fell about 16 percent in dollars, but 11 percent in euros.

According to the Financial Times, the value of the cryptocurrency market has fallen by $1.7 trillion since the beginning of 2022.

Electric car maker Tesla has lost nearly two-thirds of its value this year, while chip maker Nvidia has slumped 50%, and US tech heavyweights Apple and Microsoft are both down 30%.

At the same time, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, lost nearly 40% of its value.

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