Bitcoin will go to zero on February 1, 2023. DXY Supercycle begins! Binance: BTCUSDT by USDOLLARISKING – Technical Analysis – 2023-01-01 20:10:31

happy New Year everybody US dollars The bulls are there!

And to you aficionados who still refuse to sell and say 2022 was a bad year…

the US dollars It’s about to embark on a once-in-a-century super bull run that won’t peak until at least 2031. The reason I put it this year is:

1. I totally expect it Federal Reserve It will resume raising interest rates in 2023 and will see a full 1% rise month over month throughout at least the first quarter of 2024. This will probably bring the final interest rate to 15-20% when the rate hike is done and I see no reason for the Fed to cut rates to at least 2025 to calm the economy and actually get it. economic inflation Down. Personally, I predict that we will soon see a decade of deflation in which the prices of goods and services will fall by more than 50% of today’s value.

2. The Fed still has ways to cut $9 trillion balance sheet through quantitative easing. At the current rate of $90 billion a month, it won’t be until 2031 that balance sheet It is reduced to zero.

3. Because of #1 and #2… US dollars It will become scarcer as raising capital becomes more expensive, and quantitative tightening effectively removes currency from circulation, thus shrinking its assets.

Now to the discussion that crypto bulls despise… why do I think so bitcoin Will it go to zero on February 1, 2023?

1. After the FTX fiasco, Binance is likely to be the next and final cryptocurrency magnate to fall this month, when it is revealed that they likely have no backup evidence for all their investors. When that happens, all of the lending platforms will go down, taking the last of the exchanges with them, like Coinbase. The price will initially collapse to $2,000. All miners will have to stop mining because it is no longer profitable to mine bitcoin And all the mining machinery will turn into nothing but scrap metal. I predict the entire crypto market, inclusive bitcoin It will completely collapse on February 1, 2023.

2. Consumer sentiment will never recover. Institutional investors and whales who speculated on their disposable income actually cashed out months ago and never came back. The extra “buy a dip” action is not unlike trying to fill a swimming pool with a water bottle while the pool drains in the ground.

3. Develop central bank A digital currency that completely eliminates the need for a blockchain for speculative investment, but as part of a useful and optimized financial system that does not consume even a small part of the Bitcoin proof-of-work.

4. If #1, #2, and #3 are achieved, the SEC and US regulators will join the EU and other world governments in banning mining and distribution of all cryptocurrencies altogether.

Crypto bulls, consider this my best gift to you and a final warning. Sell ​​all your cryptocurrency now. If you still have shares, sell them all as well. Come to safety and prosperity US dollars . The train hasn’t left yet and when it does it won’t stop until 2031!!!

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