Croatia officially entered the Schengen Area and became a member of the Eurozone

On January 1, Croatia officially joined the Schengen Area and became the twentieth member of the Eurozone.

In the summer, the European Union approved the introduction of the euro in this country from the beginning of 2023, and in December the Council of the European Union decided to join the Schengen area. For Croatia, these are two important steps in a year on the path of rapprochement with the countries of the European Union.

Yes, now the official currency in Croatia is the euro, which should gradually replace the Croatian kuna. The local currency should be phased out by July 31, 2023.

Joining the Schengen area means canceling all checks at the land and sea borders between Croatia and other countries of the Schengen area. Checks will be canceled when crossing borders by air from March 26, 2023.

Together with Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania want to join the Schengen area. It was recommended by the European Parliament, but at the level of the Council of the European Union, the Netherlands and Austria blocked the move.

How can Ukraine become part of the Schengen area?

The Schengen Area is a European area in which internal border controls have been abolished.

Currently, the Schengen Area is the largest free movement area in the world, which includes 22 EU countries and four non-EU countries (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein). Ireland reserves the right to refuse to lift internal border controls.

All countries, before becoming part of the Schengen Area, must pass a series of assessments and confirm whether they meet the necessary conditions for applying the Schengen rules.

In particular, these standards include legislation on border control, infrastructure and regulation, protection of personal data, visas, deportation, police cooperation, etc.

After that, unanimous approval of all other member states is required. The European Parliament must also give its approval.

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