✴️ Cardano Update | The lower it is, the faster it will grow! for BITMEX: ADAUSDT by AlanSantana – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-03 21:20:07

Now that things are starting to look better, we can finally zoom out.

The naysayers will be the first to say “Hey, early for no signs”…and that’s okay, we get it.

– We are looking for rising development which rising signals, which is normal.
We seek confirmation to confirm that something has actually happened…

But we use these graphs to predict in advance when the reversal will occur.

This is the reverse way…

– Support the effect and it bearish Can be used as a reflection signal.
Breaking a strong support level could be another matter rising Signal.
Excessively extended bearish The wave can also be one rising Signal.
– One RSI He who is very weak is also one rising Signal, in fact, what we call “oversold” RSI It is actually defined as “weak” in the index.

Cardano (ADAUSDT) continued reaching new lows.
– the one Ethereum The consolidation did not make a new low.
Binance coin has not reached a new low recently.
– The polygon has not reached a new low and it is your low rising Signal.

Such as Cardano You decide to go lower and lower, the lower the higher the odds of sudden change.
Notice the trade the sound It goes down and down…the bears keep losing steam.

Now we have 4 consecutive daily candles that close green after a new low.
ADAUSDT is breaking above EMA10.

We have a very strong one bullish divergence employment RSI Since October, deviations appear before things begin to change.

get ready!!!

Our beloved Cardano He will reward those who wait patiently.

thank you for reading.

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