Ethereum vs. “Ethereum killer” that will rise in 2023 for WHITEBIT: ETHUSDT by P_S_trade – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-03 18:08:44

The last year of 2022 was difficult and painful for all cryptocurrencies. But there were cryptocurrencies that fell in value by -60% annually, and there were those that fell in value by -99.9999%.

2022 Ethereum Team and Community nodes The Merge (we believe everyone interested in ETH knows the major changes that have occurred)

Despite the statements of skeptics, Ether confidently took the second place in the world of cryptocurrencies. From volatility trading pairs ETHUSDT whose price has grown rapidly in 2020-2021, ETHUSD It is increasingly becoming an “indicator” that guides other cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum buyers buy Eth it with confidenceThe important liquidity area is 1000-1250 dollars He did not let the price drop for more than six months.
That’s a good sign of that ETHUSDT The price may not grow very strongly, but steadily in the future.
In the diagram, we schematically depict the possible path of ETHUSD Price growth up to the beginning fountain 2023 to the region of $1,800

We describe the possible general path of crypto market price movement in 2023 in more detail in this insight:

sporadic, We would also like to touch on the topic of “Ethereum killers”. For some reason, marketers of many crypto projects that have been launched on the market in recent years have fallen in love with this story.
Someone said so Ethereum Transactions were slow, someone said the transaction cost was too expensive, someone said the blockchain had low capacity…etc. And each new project must “bury Ethereum” with its problems.

However, as the table below shows, each potential “Ethereum killer” of 2022 in terms of value and capitalization lost relatively much more than ETH itself.


By the way, we have written an analysis for each currency in the list and our view of the possible price movement. You can easily find what you are interested in using the search.

Write in the comments what you expect from him Ethereum 2023, and we might have forgotten to add some “Ethereum killers” to this important list)

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