🐕 DOGE AWAITS DECISION 🐕 FOR BINANCE: DOGEUSTD By InvestMate – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-04 13:58:06

🐕 Doge is waiting for a decision

🐕 Recently, the Doge has been in a rather uncomfortable place between 0.786 and 0.886 Fibonacci levels for the entire uptrend, as it seems to be starting to accumulate.

🐕 the closest support area Around the level of 0.886 and closer resistance area It is located around the level of 0.786.

🐕 There seems to be nothing to expect sharp Breakout up or down in the coming days.

🐕 The technical situation is not in favor of either side but it seems to me that sooner or later we will start to break to the upside after bitcoin

The scenario I do is wait for the investors to decide the direction. I do not rule out the possibility of changing the scenario if the market situation changes suddenly. I am aware of the possibility of correction at any time, this must be taken into account, if expectations change, I will publish a post with an update, so I invite you to actively follow the profile and read the description carefully.

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