Determining Ethereum Resistance for BINANCE: ETHUSDT by MonoCoinSignal – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-04 20:56:28

Ethereum It made a strong positive reaction in the previous day with a complete pullback to $1,210 support area . this is sharp This move broke the $1,227 range resistance.
We can consider this failure confirmed with a high probability. Therefore, a return to this range may be accompanied by signs of a reaction. Of course, the point is that the upward movement is strong, and there is a possibility that the pullback will not be deep.
Note that RSI Above 50, and the price is trading above 100 per hour Simple moving average .
if Ethereum It can overcome the $1,251 resistance it is currently struggling with, and the serious resistance ahead will be $1,275. The next resistances are at $1,309 and $1,352.
On the flip side, if it can’t stabilize its price above $1,251, support will be waiting for it on the chart.

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