ETCUSDT By KlejdiCuni – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-04 19:48:51

etc( Ethereum Classic): +20% in 1 week… what next?

This is an analysis I shared a week ago.

the first rising The move has been perfect + 20% gain so far.

So if you’re satisfied, you can close those gains here too 🙂

But the price completes this beauty harmonic bullish pattern
That could be a good indication of that rising The wave should be ready soon.

Note: If all is well regarding the fundamental outlook for the crypto market, the price should rise again from this point on.


Japanese won

Thank you and good luck!

Previous analysis:

ETC: The price has finally completed a bullish harmonic pattern

ETCUSDT by KlejdiCuni
– technical analysis – 2023-01-04 19:48:51 – coinphone [SV]

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