RTFKT’s COO says it lost NFTs in the phishing attack

New Years or not, NFT theft is on the rise. Nikhil Gopalani, Operations Director of RTFKT, becomes the latest casualty. The president took to Twitter to reveal that he lost a large number of NFTs from his wallet in a phishing attack.

Hey community Clone X – I got hacked by a clever scammer (same phone number as Apple ID) and sold all my x clones / some other nfts… I’m obviously very upset and hurt by this and really couldn’t move all day. I hope That the people who bought my clone (to be positive) would love it.”

  • Phishing scams have become common in the crypto ecosystem, where scammers trick users into accidentally handing over their wallet credentials to initiate an irreversible transaction.
  • On-chain data revealed that the attacker used two wallets that were used collectively to drain more than $173,000 in NFTs from Gopalani’s wallet.
  • While one wallet was found empty, the other had 19 CloneX NFTs, 18 RTKFT Space Pods, 17 Loot Pods, 11 CryptoKicks, 19 RTFKT Animus Eggs, and more.
  • Details are thin at the moment, but RTFKT’s chief technology officer, Samuel Cardillo, said Gopalani may have provided the scammers, posing as large corporations, with confidential information.
  • Many members of the community were unhappy that the executives chose not to reveal more details about the entire incident, calling their response “very institutional.”
  • However, Cardillo has dismissed the claim and hinted that a legal investigation may be underway, which may be his reason for not sharing more information.
  • Twitter user made Interesting point about stolen NFTs.

“If someone steals your bike, it is generally understood that your bike is still yours. With NFT, the ‘owner’ is the person who has the token in their wallet. So if someone’s NFT monkey gets stolen via a phishing scam, the blockchain treats the thief as The new owner.

RTFKT’s COO says it lost NFTs in a phishing attack, first seen on CryptoPotato.

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