The longer chart may turn bullish in the coming days. Binance: BTCUSDT by bestfarbit74 – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-04 18:27:01

If you wait to buy deeper levels, you can bet on handicap.

I am not saying that below the recent low of $15,470 definitely cannot happen.

It really depends on what market decision to take.

** Don’t forget they know what you’re shopping for or thinking. **

If you believe that there are differences in the market, we can see a distinct difference rising oblique

on the 3-day chart with RSI or even MACD .

Also MACD Turns out the histogram on the monthly chart is turning to the positive side.


Many ALTS also suffered deep declines and lost close to 90% of their value… So

It makes sense to start the upward push soon.

This does not mean that you can quickly jump into the market and invest all your money now.

But you must have a plan to manage your money to invest and be mentally prepared

That the bear market may end now or it will end very soon in the coming days.

# I wish the best in the new year for those who believe in human rights and freedom #

Enjoy the market

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