Alaska Gold Rush announces GameSwift as a strategic partner

There is no doubt that online games are gaining momentum with more and more people joining in. With multi-million dollar tournaments and millions of people playing different games all over the world, it is no longer a niche area.

In fact, some estimates suggest that the global gaming market will reach a whopping $268 billion by 2025.

Interestingly, online gaming is often cited as one of the best applications of blockchain-based technology. In 2021 and 2022, we have seen a massive boom in crypto-based games in the form of play-for-profit.

A well-established Web3 game in the related gaming communities with many different collaborations is Alaska Gold Rush. Now the team has announced a new strategic partnership.

Alaska Gold Rush: Web3 Gaming Experience

Alaska Gold Rush brings an original Web3 game with an open world and exciting action that offers multiple adventures to the player.

The team understands that in order to design an inspiring Web3 game, there needs to be a well-executed economy. In contrast, the cryptocurrency gaming space is suffering from massive inflation, limited demand for tokens, as well as a highly competitive NFT market.

In Alaska Gold Rush, the team is made up of players and financial experts who have come together to create a vibrant in-game economy and long-term incentives.

Alaska Gold Rush partners with GameSwift

In short, GameSwift is a Web3 gaming ecosystem powered by Polygon. It has a comprehensive product suite that includes custom series optimized for games, game studio, platform, and custom technology solutions.

GameSwift allows you to sign in to games and apps through a single account (much like a Google account) called GameSwift ID. It also allows the series to be optimized specifically for gaming purposes with interoperability in mind and also to use a platform similar to a decentralized version of Steam or GOG with easy access to a vast game library.

The goal of this collaboration is for Alaska Gold Rush to use GameSwift technology and take advantage of the tools created by the project. The idea is to give gamers a seamless experience, as well as the AAA+ fun of the Web3 gaming space.

Also, because of GameSwift, Alaska Gold Rush can expand its network of interesting Web3 projects, KOLs, investors and developers, which shows the team’s great confidence in the future of the game.

What then?

The new strategic partnership does not just end here. The team is excited to announce that the GameSwift community will also have a unique opportunity to participate in the Alaska Gold Rush token distribution.

The team believes that launching on GameSwift will be a great opportunity for the game and its community.

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