GameFi Rising Star of 2023: Bless Global with P2O Style and 2 Million Pre-Registered Players

Recently, AAA GameFi MMORPG Bless Global has reached the number of 2 million pre-registered players. This is the first time the game has announced its updated information about the beta test. Day 1 retention during beta testing is 94% with average online user time of 218 minutes. This impressive performance shows that Bless Global is indeed a AAA product with promising potential to revive the GameFi ecosystem. Both the mobile (App Store and Google Play) and PC versions will be officially released on January 10th. Bless Global will be the lead producer on PocketBuff, the global GameFi platform. The long-awaited game is expected to make a stunning move on the GameFi global chessboard.

Innovative integrated P2E & P2O model

Bless Global is published by Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of KOSDAQ-listed Longtu Korea. Based on the original world view and Bless PC game content, this AAA-level MMORPG maintains the exceptional quality of Web2 games while integrating a new Web3 game model of play-to-own (P2O) with the core play-to-learn (P2E) concept. The new model prioritizes fun gameplay, sustainable economy design, and autonomy through NFT ownership in the form of virtual and in-game assets.

As the game allows players to craft their characters, gear, skins, skins, and other in-game items into NFTs, the interactivity and playability of assets is taken to the next level.

With an epic storyline and console-level graphics, this AAA GameFi MMORPG vividly depicts a fantastic medieval fantasy world while providing versatile gameplay, including strategic dungeons, PvP/PvE battles, item collecting, and other progression systems. The game gives players maximum freedom in group dungeons, skill casting, character customization and skin selection. The game also includes elements such as metaverse, social interaction, and NFTs to enhance and expand the gaming ecosystem. It’s cutting edge in many aspects – game production, model design, mechanics design, and the list goes on.

Version and financial model $BLEC

The first launch of $BLEC (a utility token designed exclusively for Bless Global) occurred on PancakeSwap on January 5, 2023. Players can follow Bless Global on Twitter for more details.

The total supply of BLEC is 100,000,000 USD, while 90% of it will be released year after year and minted in the game by players, and the remaining 10% is for marketing, liquidity provision, stock bonuses, and so on. Players can convert Corestals they own in-game into $BLEC tokens or open special Mystery Chests they have purchased to obtain them.

The width and version of $BLEC is flexible. The internal token trading consumption model, combined with the deflation release model, can ensure rational and stable market trading and build a solid value base.

In-game USD consumption scenarios for BLEC include:

Spend $BLEC to buy BLEC Mystery Boxes containing extremely rare and extremely limited edition NFTs. The PocketBuff Market is the only place that sells Mystery Boxes containing some rare NFTs.

Redeem $BLEC in in-game Corestals to increase your character’s combat power and enrich your gaming experience.

Spend $BLEC to build your guild and help guild members get bonus Corestals.

Spend or earn $BLEC to get a ticket to outdoor events and earn special event rewards.

Special events and rewards

Since Bless Global is about to go online, players can now register for special events to get great rewards.

  1. Pre-register through the store and official website to claim many Corestals and items in the game. Mint Corestals to $BLEC to earn.
  2. Invite enough friends to pre-register via the official website so you can earn up to $100 in BLEC. Use it on PocketBuff to purchase in-game NFTs or special Mystery Chests for rare/high-demand NFTs. NFT assets can be traded on the market.
  3. Follow Bless Global on various social platforms and participate in raffle events for a chance to win a Platinum VIP PASS ($49.9 value)

GameFi Union DAO was created by PocketBuff

PocketBuff, a global one-stop GameFi platform, has started building a GameFi Union DAO with multiple partners to improve the Web3 gaming ecosystem and attract Web2 gamers to join. AAA title Bless Global will be the first game available on PocketBuff. It has been publicly announced that the GameFi platform has already established partnerships with the following devices.

Bless Global will officially launch on January 10, 2023. For those interested, follow Bless Global on Twitter for the latest news and to sign up for upcoming events!


Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as news/advice.

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