🅱️ (₿) Monetary Tightening vs. Easing – Technical Analysis – 2023-01-07 23:01:44

Friends, please take a minute and let me ask you a few questions…
You are a hardworking adult, very intelligent, probably good looking,…

First, how are you on Saturday?
I hope everything is fine with you.

Now, back to work…

Monetary austerity and monetary easing.. Is it really?

Is our reality reduced to just this, our thinking, our perception?

Is the world of market analysts reduced to this, mere choice, nothing more?

Only one option, no more… Either there will be monetary tightening or monetary easing, and the rest is impossible!!! Is that true?

Have we reached the point where the only thing that can affect our highly interconnected, highly leveraged, highly interconnected global financial markets is monetary tightening and monetary easing?

There are no other possibilities?

Have we been so brainwashed by the media and politicians that we can’t even think of another possible scenario?

They change!

There are no good people, really?

Let me tell you something… Whatever you think from the very narrow point of view won’t happen, what will happen will be something else.

The money supply in the world is infinite.

bitcoin You don’t need 0.0000 any percentage of any interest for this or that owners and creators bitcoin They created this network with a very clear goal…they play the game but don’t be fooled for one minute that the only possible scenario that could happen in this situation in this lifetime is what the mainstream media has to say.

When has the mainstream media been right about the economy?
When has the mainstream media been right about anything?

When has any politician made an accurate financial prediction in the history of this universe?

And now you will blindly follow what the dinosaur media says?

Things will change…

Prepare, adapt and prepare.

Will you be surprised?

🅱️ ₿ If repeated 2018/19… bitcoin Bottoming in ($48,000 in a matter of months!)


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