📈 Tether Control Speed…for CRYPTOCAP: USDT.D by AlanSantana – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-07 19:45:02

The drop here is about to pick up, which is what we mentioned in the last update/trading idea, and more confirmation will come.

At 12H, USDT.D posted a strong rejection of the attempted correction above EMA10 and EMA21

This rejection also pushed the index below the EMA50 RSI become weak.

A sudden fall is about to happen… We don’t know if it will happen in a matter of hours or several days.

Once that happens, we can see the backlash as well bitcoin Altmynt, to happen.

A nice jump, everything will be raised to a full level…the comfort we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

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