Polkadot’s Astar Network introduces XVM functionality to augment multi-chain use cases

Astar Network — a smart contract innovation hub that connects the Polkadot ecosystem to all layer one blockchains — has launched its cross-platform virtual machine (XVM) on the public test network in Shibuya.

It enables projects built on Astar to interact with other smart contract ecosystems, including WebAssembly (WASM) and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Enter XVM

According to a document I have seen encrypted potatoesAstar Network has launched the first major product part of its 2023 strategy – Cross-Virtual Machine (XVM).

The feature is a set of interfaces and a dedicated platform that allows smart contracts from one virtual machine to interact with others. XVM can have two-way conversations between WASM and EVM, regardless of the programming languages ​​used by the virtual machines. Hoon Kim – CTO of Astar Network spoke about the development:

“We have worked hard to create the foundation for the future, regardless of the external influence that is happening now. Today I am proud to introduce one of our most important features to realize Astar’s vision. Cross-Virtual Virtual Machine (XVM). It will be the beginning of the next wave of innovation in dApps.

Astar will not only have interoperability through XCM (cross-chain messaging) with other parachains but also interoperability between different smart contract environments. “

XVM allows developers to explore many contract environments rather than having only one choice. They can also create a variety of complex applications that can provide many use cases, such as proof of ownership of digital assets.

previous development

Astar Network join With the Alchemy blockchain company last August to promote Web3 development on the Polkadot ecosystem. Astar founder and CEO Sota Watanabe explained the potential benefits of the partnership:

“Supporting the developer ecosystem is one of Astar’s core values, and our collaboration with Alchemy will help bring more incentive and innovation to the community. Our collaboration will provide resources to grow the web3 builder community at Astar, Polkadot, and others.”

Astar, who is the leading parachin of Polkadot, inked Another collaboration a week later with DeFi network Acala. The joint initiative aimed to accelerate decentralized finance by offering developers new opportunities and rewarding them for their efforts in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Astar Network after Polkadot introduces XVM functionality to enhance multi-chain use cases debuted on CryptoPotato.

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