Radix Unveils Plans for Next Generation Cryptocurrency Wallet for Web3 Users

Due to concerns about Web3, including frequent hacks and usability issues with decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain developers across the board have been working hard on crypto wallet solutions.

Radix, a smart contract platform for asset-oriented DeFi, has revealed concept images for its Web3 wallet.

In particular, the wallet provides unique insight into an enhanced user experience while managing cryptocurrency applications, according to a press release shared with Coinphony on Jan. 9.

In particular, the Radix Wallet concept is the result of over a year of research and development on a suite of five new technologies at the heart of the Radix Network, to enable a high-utility crypto wallet for the first time.

Radix wallet concept. Source: Radix

Matthew Hine, Chief Product Officer, RDX Works, said:

“Radix Wallet provides a user experience that gets out of the way and allows users to participate effortlessly. This is the kind of user experience that will make Web3, DeFi and even Metaverse really relevant to people, and you can’t build that on any network but Radix.”

The Radix Babylon Mainnet update will be released in early 2023

When the Radix Babylon Mainnet goes live in early 2023, the Radix Network will integrate five new technologies developed for use in the new Radix Wallet that the network says have the potential to transform the way people interact with their assets and decentralized applications (dApps).

Radix users will be able to connect to dApps using “Personas,” which adapts Web2 to Web3, do away with password-based logins, and seamlessly switch between mobile and desktop experiences thanks to “Radix Connect.” In addition, Radix Wallet will make extensive use of Radix Network’s “native assets” and “transaction data” to make digital ownership easy and reliable.

The current state of DeFi

It is worth noting that the current state of DeFi is notoriously difficult and risky to use. In this line, Radix has concerns about digital wallets and decentralized applications today, describing them as “insecure.” The platform believes that a large part of this problem is the result of a mediocre user experience that does not align with the promise of user freedom and DeFi-enabled.

However, the five innovative Radix Wallet and Radix Network technologies are said to address key usage issues in DeFi with a next-generation cryptocurrency wallet for Web3 users.

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