Top 5 Must-Watch Cryptocurrency Movies in 2023

As the cryptocurrency sector expands, so does interest in mechanics and real-world applications among both mainstream and niche audiences, which has led to cryptocurrency-related films in various genres, some of which feature Hollywood heavyweights.

With this in mind, Coinphony has scoured the top cryptocurrency-related movies to present a list of the top five movies worth watching in 2023, whether for educational or entertainment purposes — or both.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

Although it was introduced in 2014, The rise and rise of bitcoin is Amazon Prime’s evergreen documentary about Bitcoin (BTC) that remains relevant, not only paints a detailed and detailed picture of the pioneering digital asset’s early days, but also provides insight into other cryptocurrencies and technology in general.

Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency (2018)

For anyone who just wants a quick tour of the world of digital assets without going into detail for hours, the documentary is 14 minutes long Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency It is the perfect choice. It gives a brief explanation of the concept of cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology – perfect for those new to crypto.

Crypto (2019)

common to the general public, encryption It is a crime thriller starring Kurt Russell, Bo Knapp and Alexis Bledel. The story follows a young Wall Street banker who gets caught up in a network of fraud and money laundering involving cryptocurrency, and offers a true demonstration of the technology in action.

Trust Nobody: The Hunt for the Crypto King (2022)

Edge-of-the-seat crime documentary Netflix Trust Nobody: The Hunt for the Crypto King Tracks the mysterious death of Gerald Cotten, founder of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX. The millionaire reportedly died in 2018, when it was revealed that CAD 250 million of investor funds were missing or inaccessible because only Cotten had the password to the cold wallets.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, blockchains, and the future of the Internet (2020)

finally, Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future The Internet provides a detailed account of Bitcoin’s early days, as well as the cryptocurrency sector as a whole, tracing its evolution into the behemoth it is now, and trying to answer questions about its future as an alternative to the Internet.

No matter your reasons for looking for crypto-themed movies – whether to learn the basics, the inner workings of the fast-growing industry, or just have fun following the intrigue and mystery often associated with cryptocurrency, none of these will be a waste of time.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Movies Having Been Watched in 2023 debuted on Coinphony.

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