He analyzes whether Solana can continue his upward trajectory past another milestone

  • Solana becomes the second blockchain to have two independent verification clients.
  • Galaxy Score and other metrics appeared in favor of SOL.

Solana [SOL] It recently reached a new milestone as it became the second blockchain to have two independent client validators. According to an announcement on January 13, Firedancer has become the ecosystem’s new certifier. This new setting will reduce conflicts in Solana’s parallel virtual machines, resulting in more efficient cluster production.

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What awaits Solana’s NFT space?

The end of 2022 has not been as expected for Solana’s NFT ecosystem, as several major NFT projects, including y00t, have announced that they will bridge the gap between Polygon and [MATIC] In the first quarter of 2023. However, the new year brought good news for Solana.

Solana Daily, the Twitter account that posts updates related to the ecosystem, revealed the upcoming Solana NFTs by Upvoting on Magic Eden in a tweet on January 13th.

Santiment’s chart also paints a positive picture of the NFT space ecosystem. According to the data, although the total number of NFT trades registered a slight decrease, the total USD volume increased in the past seven days.

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Really promising week

The past week has gone well for investors Solars price jumped. to me CoinMarketCapThe token’s weekly gains exceeded 28% and, at the time of writing, were worth $16.87, with a market capitalization of more than $6.2 billion. Additionally, SOL’s Galaxy Score It was also very high, which was bullish.

Also, @DeFiLlama data It revealed that the total value of locked SOL has increased since the beginning of 2023. Solana’s development activity has also increased, reflecting developers’ increasing efforts to improve the blockchain. Solar It also remained popular in the cryptocurrency space where its social dominance was at its peak.

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