ChatGPT Answers Biggest Crypto Questions: Bitcoin or Ethereum?

The Internet quickly became enamored with ChatGPT – a chatbot language paradigm that seemed to provide verbose answers to any question.

Crypto Twitter seems to be particularly fascinated by AI bots – from Casa founder Jameson Lopp to Twitter’s new boss and Dogecoin enthusiast, Elon Musk.

We decided to ask ChatGPT a number of questions related to bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption – including ones that people are still hotly discussing. This is what the notorious bot said.

Bitcoin or Ethereum?

We first asked what ChatGPT thinks about Bitcoin: “Does Bitcoin have its own value?”

Many of Bitcoin’s biggest critics, like the gold bug Peter SchiffHe might say no, arguing that the origin is purely speculative and destined to collapse to zero. However, the AI ​​bot’s response was more subtle:

“Some people might argue that the decentralized nature of Bitcoin and its ability to act as a digital store of value can be considered intrinsic value,” she said.

Its response embodies the view shared by some of Bitcoin’s biggest proponents that the asset can become a “digital goldThe twenty-first century, thanks to its manipulative monetary policy.

This is exactly what ChatGPT pointed out next when asked to compare Bitcoin to Ethereum. “It is often called digital gold,” she said. “Its primary use case is as a digital alternative to traditional fiat currencies, such as the US dollar or the euro.”

In contrast, Ether has been described as having “more innovation potential than Bitcoin,” which makes it more attractive to developers. like explained From BitMEX in July, Ethereum’s scripting language and culture is more welcoming to change than Bitcoin’s – albeit with more dapps begins to develop On the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Who is Satoshi?

However, ChatGPT is not omniscient: it admitted that the identity of the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto – “has not been revealed and is not known to the public.”

“While some individuals have claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto or are suspected of being the creator of the content, none of these claims have been independently verified,” it said. Bitcoin SV founder Craig Wright has often accused others of slandering him when he claims to be the enigmatic founder — but he hasn’t seen any success lately. In court.

When asked if Bitcoin would become the world’s reserve currency, the bot did not rule out the possibility. While it still lacks the “infrastructure, regulations, and stability” to be considered as such, it remains “possible that the future will bring changes to this situation” as technology grows and develops.

Finally, ChatGPT is not a full nocoiner.

When asked: “Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is not a scam.”

However, like all other financial markets, there are risks and scams that you need to be aware of.

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