Linda! BTCUSD-> BITSTAMP’s $21,000 Crypto Market Leader Test: BTCUSD by RLinda – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-14 18:09:50

bitcoin His long-awaited ascent begins. The price breaks through a number of strong resistance levels, repaints almost the entire cryptocurrency market in green, and enters a wide range, which can play a major role in the life of the major.


Over the past few weeks, the price gained a very strong momentum from the second bottom (16,293 USD), breaking the trend resistance. The price strengthened more than 30% and it could test the $21,000 area.
In this trading session, the closing of the weekly candlestick can determine the further trend, if the price consolidates above the global and strong support line 19666 bitcoin In the medium term it could go to 25053 (the middle of the range), and the long-term possibility of this maneuver I think is the resistance 30.261 (but it all depends on the price behavior)

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Why do I think the price could go to 25,000 or 30,000:

1) If you entered the range from the support side, the additional objective would be to hit the important liquidity area lurking behind the upper bound of the sideways range
2) price breaks bearish Style and update tops two months ago
3) Reports “Santiment”:

  • 3.1 – There is a significant increase in the increase BTC transactions
  • 3.2 – Wallets with a balance of 100-10,000 ETH are actively collecting coins
  • 3.3 – a sharp Increased activity on the Chainlink network
  • 3.4 – Whales continue to build their positions in Stablecoins
  • 3.5 – an increase “Take profit” in BTC
  • 3.6 – Significant increase in social activity in XRP

The indicators are moving in the green, if you pay attention profile size The next area of ​​intensity starts from the range 29260-32560, which indicates that the price may approach the upper resistance 30261 relatively quickly.

Greetings R. Linda!

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