polka dots [DOT] The good days aren’t over yet, thanks to these metrics

  • Polkadot was behind Polygon in terms of revenue performance last week.
  • Market metrics and indicators supported the bulls.

Polka dot [DOT] It recently made headlines not for its developmental activity, but this time for revenue. It ranked second in the list of top blockchains in terms of revenue performance over the past seven days. Grid took first place while Solana was third on the list.

Polkadot Insider also released its on-chain data on January 12th, which revealed a lot of important insights about the ecosystem. For example, the total number of blocks completed was 13.8 million, and the total transfers were about to reach 10 million.

In addition, the number of its holders has also exceeded 1 million, which seems optimistic about the blockchain.

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Commendable achievement

DOT’s performance on the price front has also been in favor of investors, posting double-digit gains over the past week, thanks to a continuing bull market. CoinMarketCap data revealed that the DOT price is up 13% in the past week, and at the time of writing it is trade to 5.23 USD with a market capitalization of over 6 billion USD.

a look at GoalOn-chain statistics indicated that price increases were not only caused by market conditions, but several factors came into play. DOT’s Binance funding rate has been consistently high over the past seven days, reflecting its demand in the derivatives market.

Positive vibes everywhere Goal It also remained relatively high last week, which indicates the community’s confidence in the Ministry of Transport. to me LunarCrushThe volatility of DOT increased significantly, which increased the chances of a continuation of the bullish trend in the following days.

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What should Polkadot investors expect?

The DOT market indicators gave a bullish outlook as most of them suggested that the bullish trend will continue in the coming days. MACD revealed a significant bullish hold in the market. The DOT’s Chaikin Fund Flow (CMF) was also well above the neutral mark.

According to the exponential moving average (EMA) range, the 20-day EMA has been rapidly approaching the 55-day EMA, which increases the chances of a bullish crossover. Moreover, Bollinger Bands revealed it Goals price has entered a high-volatility area, which increases the chances of continued price appreciation.

However, the DOT’s Money Flow Index (MFI) was overbought, which could be a concern for investors.

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