Slaying BTC Bears, Will BULLS Raise $20K? Binance: BTCUSDT by CryptoCheck- Technische Analyze – 2023-01-17 00:04:20

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In my previous analysis, I mentioned how technical indicators such as lsma And RSI And Bollinger Bands He pointed about 22k to bitcoin . The market was overwhelming rising green lights above gold And silver And DXY Most digital currencies. It’s safe to say that the markets are expected to take a breather soon and now may be a good time to make those gains as the biggest question of all remains: Was this one big bull trap as the longs were soon held. Down, or bottom in and this is the beginning of a new one rising bicycle?
This remains to be seen and I expect more clarity on this with the next pullback (which is healthy and common). As we pull back, it remains to be seen if the bulls can hold and defend $20k. If we can close above $20,000 and not lower, you might consider buying there if it gets delayed and misses the rally.

I think the market will see a lot of it volatility This week, so remember to pre-select those orders!

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