ETHUSD Remains Bearish So Far For COINBASE: ETHUSD By DemoDiaryFX_Trading – Technical Analysis – 2023-01-17 06:25:29

Holds the ETH structure Alcohol market still. Everything else is in the chart.

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🔹IL = pulse bone. Within IL, we can usually see the internal structure, which is secondary in nature, as market noise, unless you trade it on an LTF, because it is IL’s property.
🔹ph, pl = protected high or low, which carries the current structural impulse.
🔹bos = structural failure. Based on a lighter body near the bottom/top of the previous structural thruster.
🔹rsz, rdz = bis Supply and demand regions. Specific areas to search for LTF assertions. They manipulate ups before real downs, or vice versa. Strong hands (the combination man, as Wyckoff called him) would often return to such areas to close manipulation orders at breakeven, before cutting prices further. If the body is locked out of the area, in most cases this means that the installation has been cancelled.
🔹 if ltf=enter asserts only if there is a structure change on the lower TF inside rsz or rdz, or some other type of validated and tested assertion.
🔹liq target = liquidity target: next take profit levels for strong hands, our main targets depend on the current price movement.

☝️ Disclaimer: All ideas here are for educational and marketing purposes only, not financial advice and not a signal. I share my view on the market and am looking for like-minded traders. Your trading is your full responsibility. Everything here should be treated as trading in a simulated environment.

👉 I think the “right or wrong” mentality is a fundamental drawback for all beginners. In fact, the trader is right only when he runs the system and follows its rules, and wrong only when he makes random settings. A trader must find a system they are willing to work with long term, back test, back test, then run it live and then improve it to perfection.

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