Galxe GAL price is out of a bearish trend, what is the growth target? for WHITEBIT: GALUSDT by P_S_trade – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-19 01:03:55

From the description of the Galxe (GAL) project, we can conclude that the project was created by a team with experience for future development in the WEB3 direction.
The only obvious thing that the creators of the project miscalculated was the moment of inclusion, when the crypto market was in the active phase of a downtrend. Or maybe it was meant to be?)

In fact, from the moment of listing to today’s price Crazy Street It was on a downward trend.

and today, Buyers loudly “slammed the door”. Goodbye downward trend.
they broke up trend line dramatically with the price skyrocketing by 50% in a matter of hours
However, the price was hit hard Liquidity zone of 2.20 – 2.40 USDWhich, in our opinion, will not be able to make a breakthrough the first time.

A correction to the $1.35-1.50 area is possibleAs it would be safer to buy GAL for medium and long term portfolio.
The first mid-range target that can be seen from above is $4.25

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