A large sum of money was found at the site of the missile strike in Dnipro. Now they are looking for your owner

In Dnipro, a “very large sum of money” was found under the wreckage of a house destroyed by a Russian missile.

This was announced by the mayor, Boris Filatov.

According to him, for all the time that followed the tragedy, no one hid or stole this money. Now the money is in the cathedral police department.

Filatov does not disclose the amount, currency and in what package. However, he points out that those affected can contact law enforcement officers. If the person can confirm the amount, currency and packaging, it will be refunded.

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Strike on the Dnipro

Explosions sounded in the Dnipro during Russia’s massive offensive into Ukraine on January 14. The Russians bombed a residential building.

Currently, 46 people have died, including six children. Another 11 people have not been identified, and the same number are still missing. Another 80 were injured.

According to the deputy head of the President’s Office, Kirill Tymoshenko, the nine-story building had 16 entrances and about 1,700 residents.

The rescue operations lasted 69 consecutive hours. It was completed on January 17th. In the Dnieper, since January 15, there is a three-day mourning for the dead. It is already known that 72 apartments were destroyed and more than 230 damaged.

City Council will allocate one million hryvnia to the affected families in Dnipro for the purchase of housing.

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