XRPUSD by ProjectSyndicate – Technische Analysis – 2023-01-21 13:57:05

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XRPUSD H4: 20% higher at the best buy/hold (SL/TP) (SWING)
Important note: speculative installation. make your own
appropriate dill. Use STOP LOSS. Don’t survive.
Important note: Ripple is currently under investigation by the SEC.
High risk/high reward setup. Make the appropriate dill.

🔸 Summary and preparation of potential trade
::: XRPUSD 4 Hours / Candlestick Chart Review
::: View updated/revised
::: Still a good setup for a 20% gain
::: XABCD racket installation in progress
::: Buying high when the price is low after a pullback
::: from TP level + 20% gain
::: This is a buy/hold setup
::: Patient traders only
::: Not for gamers
::: Qualitative setting
::: Make your own dill
::: and the use of appropriate risk management
::: Take Profit points are +20% profit of 42 cents
::: Details: See fig
::: Final TP + 20% of points d
::: Recommended strategy: Buy/Hold 35 cents
::: Swing Trade: Buy/Hold near 35 cents
::: The price is closed in the trading range
::: Good luck traders!
::: Buy / keep and receive payment. a period.
🔸 Supply/Demand Zones
::: A new order is close to 35 cents
::: New assets near 42 cents
Other notable technologies/considerations
::: TD9 / Combo update: N/A
::: Sentiment in the Center: The Bulls / The Pump / Point 42c
::: Sentiment in the short term: BEAR / BACK / point 35c

Risk Disclaimer:
cryptocurrency trading, Futures Forex, CFDs and Stocks involve risk of loss.
Please consider carefully whether this trade is suitable for you.
Past results are not indicative of future results.
Always restrict your leverage and use tight stop loss.

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