BITCOIN Completes Wyckoff Test With Huge Pump, Next Stages! Binance: BTCUSDT by VincePrince – Technische Analyze – 2023-01-22 16:53:35

Hello all,

Welcome to this update analysis on the Wyckoff dynamics that I mentioned about two weeks ago. Then my analysis bitcoin It has managed to generate a huge pump in the market and we have seen that bitcoin To adequately complete Wyckoff’s test the massive Where volatility pressure dynamics bitcoin In the SOS strength signal that I mentioned in my analysis, which is the most important key part of the whole dynamic that has now been appropriately completed. bitcoin To fully complete Wyckoff-Dynamic as you expected it. Especially since other cursors such as the continuously high in bitcoin Flashing this hash rate buy signal and tick bar is a big signal landmark to bitcoin To show massive market reversal and create a great turnaround to complete Wyckoff Accumulation Dynamic. If you haven’t seen the analysis already, I highly recommend watching it as I will be linking to it here.

  • Stage D:
    As can be seen in my chart now bitcoin The most important part of the entire structure completed the test, with a strong bounce and an exponential pump to the upside that pushed above previously identified resistance levels at $21,400 which was established in phase B before the FTX breakdown pushed the market below the previous support and moved on. bitcoin In stage D. Now that this huge pump is showing up now that means it bitcoin Officially ready to complete additional dynamics and as seen inside the hull bitcoin It is likely to continue now with the last point of LPSY supply which has a high probability of confirming the $21,400 level as a legitimate support as more bounces will occur especially when bitcoin Now it has bounced significantly above the 40-EMA in blue that will be correct support level that bitcoin Transition to other completions will build by Wyckoff Dynamics.
  • Stage E:
    Once bitcoin Accumulating and rebounding from the blue 40-EMA with the $21,400 level as support bitcoin You prepare for the bounce that leads to the breakout through the latter resistance level It is given at the $25,200 level that was built inside the Phase B and AR automatic rally. Once bitcoin A bounce above $25,500 would be a sign that the entire Wyckoff dynamic is fully completed and the entire accumulation is complete. bitcoin Ready to climb higher peaks and continue the journey to new worlds, never seen before. Once bitcoin In phase E and continues to form a new high above the range structure. This will be a wake-up call for investors and regular traders to enter the market and for market participants who were skeptical bitcoin And cryptocurrencies during the market crash to re-enter the market.

Considering all of these factors now bitcoin About to complete Wyckoff’s historical accumulation dynamic during the period of uncertain micro- and macroeconomic development with a rise inflation Still, broken supply chains are everywhere and the risk of a deep recession hitting the economy by 2023. The fact that bitcoin Successfully completed all major phases of the Wyckoff Accumulation Dynamic and will likely continue to complete dynamic performances in full bitcoin He has the power to secure solid skies inflation Safe during times of economic uncertainty because even the stock market and classic counter-cyclical movements like the stock market don’t pump as much. bitcoin And Cryptocurrency, in this case, will be an interesting journey into the future bitcoin And the entire cryptocurrency market to watch out for in the times to come.

On that note, thank you all for watching. Let’s move forward together.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be used to take action in the markets.

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