Avoid demonetization and content censorship with WUBITS

Take a deep breath (3 seconds on, 3 seconds off). It’s another demonized content.

The demonization and censorship of content has become a major concern for creators and users on today’s Web2 social networks; Think Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and, of course, Youtube. These heavyweights currently have complete control over the content on their platforms.

In response to these issues and the lack of revenue stream, creators are moving their fans to newer platforms like Twitch, Substack, and Patreon. These platforms embody the creator economy, nurture the direct relationship between creator and fan, bypassing traditional gatekeepers and opening the door to a new content monetization paradigm.

The solutions offered by the “new creative economy platforms” are just the beginning. While they do solve the problem of monetization for creators, they are still centralized and therefore not subject to censorship. A new wave of Web3-powered social media platforms has entered the fray.

In Web3, the goal is to decentralize content using blockchains, payments, and smart contracts to change how creators and influencers create, claim ownership, and monetize their content.

WUBITS It is a decentralized Web3 social platform that empowers and empowers creators to monetize their social engagements through P2P cryptocurrency transactions.

Return power to creators and users

With so many Web3 dApps already out there, the question users are asking is what sets this offering apart from the rest. WUBITS is more than just another social platform; It combines the best of Web2 and Web3 with the power of blockchain to provide creators with more transparent and decentralized solutions.

When comparing WUBITS to similar platforms, it is easy to see the disparity in the freedom that creators and their users are allowed to earn side by side.

This simply means that users and fans will be able to access valuable and exclusive content from their favorite creators and benefit financially as they grow and succeed on the platform. Content creators can use the platform to monetize content in crypto without relying on a third party payment processor. This allows creators to monetize content around the world.

As influencers gain widespread acceptance, creators will continue to be stifled by content guidelines and payment processing issues. As the world begins to embrace the relationship between creators, influencers and superfans, WUBITS represents a true censorship-resistant decentralized platform where creators can freely express themselves and monetize their content.


Basically, the WUBITS social dApp, built on the Polygon blockchain, was created to help creators generate income. With the underlying technology, creators and fans can earn cryptocurrencies directly into their crypto wallets.

Creators create premium paid content that can only be viewed when fans buy in cryptocurrency (USDT, MATIC, etc.). On the other hand, their fans can go ahead and repost this premium content to earn % of revenue from cryptocurrency, which is paid directly into their crypto wallets.

Creators can monetize their ideas, tips and tricks on the WUBITS platform and sell individual posts without relying solely on monthly subscription models. It’s easy to integrate WUBITS monetization model into already existing feeds on other platforms or cross sell to earn more.

Roadmap for the future

WUBITS dApp It was launched and it is indeed an important tool for traders as it allows users to monetize their trading signals and tips on the platform and promote them to their existing fans on other platforms. This makes WUBITS an indispensable tool along with Telegram, Discord, and Twitter.

WUBITS differentiates itself from other social media and decentralized applications by addressing today’s social media issues, such as disruptive algorithms and censorship. It empowers creators and users with a transparent decentralized rewards mechanism, which allows them to choose the distribution of rewards on the platform.

The next step in the development of the creative economy is earning. JOIN WUBITS, and follow them on their sites Twitter (https://twitter.com/0xWubits) And Telegram (https://t.me/wubitsnet)And start earning.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as news/advice.

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