Block World Tour Granada 2023 | Crypto Square

More than 500 professionals will gather in Granada on January 25-26 for the 10th edition of the International Block World Tour conference, considered one of the largest Blockchain technology events in Southern Europe and in which 70 business speakers will participate. field.

The Science and Innovation Advisor and Smart City of Granada, Francisco Herrera, highlighted the importance of this technology because it makes it possible to monitor any evaluation or any information on the Internet and also guarantees its correctness, uniqueness and coordination. “We are in a world where the digital world merges with the virtual world and where Blockchain is essential in the era of the Internet of Things, because it will ensure the validity of all transactions and all communications that take place between sensors in this digital world.”

The Block World Tour event is a unique opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the world of disruptive technology. With the chance to win a HASHWALLET worth €100 just for attendance, participants will have the opportunity to experience the latest trends in technology. In addition, the event presents virtual reality experiences with Oculus glasses, fresh coffee by professional EthicHub maker and an environment surrounded by technology enthusiasts and experts on various topics such as fusion energy, artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse, e-sports and decentralized payment systems. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay updated with the latest trends in technology and surround yourself with experts in this field.

We are waiting for you on the Block World Tour!

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