Company evaluation [ADA] Weekly performance based on its metrics

  • The total number of transactions on the Cardano network has reached 59.4 million.
  • Metrics appeared to be favorable for ADA over a longer time frame.

Input Output Global (IOG) recently published their latest version of Cardanos [ADA] Weekly development report, which mentions all the updates and notable stats about the network.

The report first mentioned important stats for the network, such as the total number of transactions on the Cardano network, which reached 59.4 million.

Notably, 7.59 million native tokens have been created, and a total of 112 projects have been launched on Cardano. In addition, IOG also reported that a total of 5,494 Plutus scripts have been released, of which 597 are Plutus V2 scripts.

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What were the developers planning?

IOG revealed in its weekly progress report that the ledger team completed work on tracking individual repositories, built a new Conway-era transactional body and reduced some large, problematic accounts at era frontiers.

The Adrestia team released Cardano Rosetta 2.0.0 and then started work on preparing the production cardano-js-sdk.

While the Plutus team continued to work on increasing scripting capabilities, internal optimization, and the Plutus MVP debugger, the Mithril team released a new 2302.0 distribution. The new release from the Mithril team enables improved snapshot digest computation on the signer and collector nodes.

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Really promising week!

Investors had an encouraging week as ADA posted double-digit growth. to me CoinMarketCapADA price is up more than 10% in the past seven days and almost 5% in the last 24 hours. At the time of publication, ADA is trading at $0.3814 with a market capitalization of over $13.1 billion.

Thanks to the above updates, ADA It also managed to secure the lead in terms of development activity. Not only development activity, but ADA’s MVRV ratio has also registered a slight uptick in recent days, which may have played a role in the recent ADA price pump.

Another optimistic measure was ADAPositive sentiment, which has increased in recent days, reflecting the community’s confidence in the network. However, the network speed has dropped in the past week, which can be a slightly worrying sign.

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