Polka dot [DOT] Weekly ecosystem summary and all the latest

  • The latest edition of the Polkadot Weekly Report was released recently.
  • Market metrics and indices remained in favor of the Ministry of Transportation over the past week.

Polka dot [DOT] It recently published the latest edition of its weekly roundup, listing all the notable developments that have occurred in the ecosystem over the past seven days.

The weekly digest first mentioned the approval and implementation of Referendum 96, which led to Polkadot’s runtime update to version 9340.

In doing so, the maximum number of candidates receiving bonuses per validator has increased from 256 to 512. Polkadots XCM 3rd Edition has been integrated after 15 months of operation. This enables bridging, cross-chain insurance, exchanges, NFTs, conditions, context tracking and more.

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In addition, Polkadot 0.9.37 was released last week with medium upgrade priority, and DOT remains the second largest network by number of developers.

Commendable performance

Not only did Polkadot push out a handful of updates last week, but its performance on the price front was also upbeat. CoinMarletCap’s data He revealed that DOT posted a weekly gain of more than 5%, and at the time of writing it was trading at $6.31 with a market capitalization of more than $7.3 billion.

On-chain DOT metrics have also supported the network over the past seven days. For example, apart from the short drop, GoalThe volume was constantly increasing.

Indeed, the development activity of the Ministry of Transport has increased significantly, which is indeed a positive sign. The altcoin has also remained popular in the cryptocurrency space with its social scale increasing. With that said, the price volatility of the DOT for one week took a hit, which may have limited it Goal From recording more than 5% weekly gain.

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Sellers led the market

a look at Polka dotThe daily chart showed that the buyers had a clear advantage in the market over the past week. MACD showed a bullish cross at the beginning of this year, and since then the bulls have had the upper hand.

The DOT’s Money Flow Index (MFI) remained above neutral over the past week, adding to buyers’ advantage. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) also registered gains, but on the closing days of the week, it entered the overbought zone.

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