ApeCoin [APE] It crashes as the BAYC robberies continue

  • The holder of BAYC raised the alarm about the increasing cases of exploitation.
  • Monkey buyers and sellers struggled to control the market.

Following a previous report on Jan. 20, another Monkey Yacht Club Boredom [BAYC] The NFT fell victim to OpenSea’s stolen policy. According to BAYC’s sixth largest owner, FranklinIsbored, one of its pools was flagged for suspicious activity after hackers attempted to exploit the policy and flee with NFTs.

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The BAYC holder also pointed out that this is not the first time that he has alerted the OpenSea team. On January 20th, he did Sound the alarm On how he couldn’t sell one of his NFTs despite being charged by OpenSea. This condition means that someone must have abused market politics against themselves.

ApeCoin: resist the downside

Despite the negative event, the NFT Group Governance Token ApeCoin [APE], it kept rising. In the last 24 hours, APE recorded a value increase of 4.90%. At the time of writing, the daily chart shows that the volatility of the APE index is extremely high. Show this Bollinger Bands (BB).

While the bars expanded, APE price went further by repeatedly touching the upper band. As this was the case, the BB condition indicated an overbought signal. Thus there was a possibility of price change.

In addition, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) showed that APE buyers were in control of the market. However, the sellers were on their heels because the orange dynamic line was close to the blue line.

However, the MACD was in the greens and above the zero point of the histogram. This indicates bullish momentum unless the buying power falters.

Source: TradingView

In light of the event, ApeCoin has jumped to the top of the smart contract tokens used by Ethereum [ETH] whales. According to WhaleStats, the top ETH 500 is choosing the highly regarded APE tool.

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While BAYC’s floor price has increased over the past few weeks, the situation over the past 24 hours has been different.

to me cryptoslamThe group’s NFT sales decreased by 11.44% in the aforementioned time frame. With 18 transactions, 14 buyers, and 15 sellers, BAYC has generated $1.99 million in total sales.

Although OpenSea has not officially responded at the time of publication, there has been some positive news for the market and Yuga Labs, the creators of BAYC. Jan 20 Experience which was filed against both parties for failure to prevent theft by a Nevada court.

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