Roger Ver, ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Says He Doesn’t Have To Pay Genesis The $21 Million He Owes

Bitcoin evangelist Roger Ver said in a Reddit post yesterday that he had “enough funds” to pay now-bankrupt cryptocurrency broker Genesis $21 million, but claimed he didn’t have to.

“I have enough money to pay Genesis the sums alleged, and I am happy to pay what I actually owe. Genesis, however, was required by our agreement to remain solvent — as Genesis could not require its customers to play a game of ‘heads lose, tails’. Genesis wins,” he wrote in response to a post on the bitcoin subreddit asking: “Is Roger Ver straight? “

Ver, who has been dubbed “Bitcoin Jesus” as an early adopter of the technology, responded to the post yesterday and then posted a screenshot of his comment Wednesday morning. on Twitter.

The allegations against him were revealed in a lawsuit filed by GGC International, a unit of Genesis Global, in New York State Supreme Court on Monday. In it, the company says Ver owes the company $20,869,788 due to “failure to settle cryptocurrency options transactions” that expired Dec. 30.

The brokerage and lending office of Digital Currency Group filed for bankruptcy on January 20, revealing in court filings that it has more than $150 million in funding for restructuring efforts.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because Ver was involved in a similar altercation with CoinFLEX last year. The cryptocurrency trading platform stopped withdrawing in June, citing liquidity issues. It was a common refrain for companies at the time, as they were dealing with the fallout from multiple bankruptcies.

But Mark Lamb, CEO of CoinFLEX, said so on Twitter that Ver owes the company $47 million, and said he’s already received a notice of default.

Ver called the allegation “flatrantly wrong” and added that CoinFLEX owed him money, not the other way around.

He wrote, “Not only do I owe this counterparty, but this counterparty owes me a large sum of money, and I am now seeking my money back.” on Twitter.

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